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Veteran Owned. Inspired by Life.


Patriot Images was founded in 2019.  The vision and mission began long before that however.

In 2017, upon retiring from the United States Air Force, Stephen Willette (Founder and CEO), returned to the upstate New York region and began photographing individuals with disabilities and challenges that not everyone faces.  His goal was to make an impact on the lives of those he photographed, and share their stories of inspiration and hope with others who might come across his work.  

Initially, Patriot Images was under a different name; Turning Point Photography.  Willette chose the previous name, not because of the history surrounding his hometown and the Battles of Saratoga being known as the "turning point" of the American Revolutionary War, but rather as a reminder of the turning point in his own life.  

Why Patriot Images?  Many who sought to hire Willette for various photography opportunities, didn't know that the previous name had nothing to do with location, but rather all about life.  For this reason, some thought the business was isolated only to the upstate NY region, which was not the case and caused the need for a rebranding.

Willette chose to go with Patriot Images because it not only reflected back on the history surrounding where he grew up and now lives, but also upon his time in the military, those he served with, the idea of service to country, dedication and honor, as well as something that became so important to him.

In 2018, Patriot Images once again took another turn, after an opportunity presented itself to photograph veterans in a local county.  That opportunity led Patriot Images to begin traveling New York State, and photographing veterans of all ages.  Our mission?  It's unlike any other photography organization you may come in contact with.  It's not about money.  We aren't concerned with the amount of money we will make photographing your family, your wedding, or your special event.  We are focused on one thing; making a positive impact in the lives of those around us and whom we come in contact with.  We are dedicated to serving the local community through various opportunities, including community service, public speaking, photography, and our blog.  Our mission is clear; serve others and everything else will fall into place.  From 2017, when Willette hung up his Air Force uniform and picked up his camera for the first time as a civilian, the mission has always been the same.  

 Patriot Images...Inspired by Life.

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