First and foremost, I need to thank each person in the below galleries for allowing me the honor and opportunity to photograph them.  As a sixteen-year veteran and formerly deployed in support of Operation Enduring Freedom and Operation Iraqi Freedom, I take away so much from each fellow veteran I come in contact with.     

The "Faces of Veterans" photography project began in the latter part of 2018 and went until the beginning of 2020.  During that short amount of time, 1400+ veterans were photographed alongside their family members, friends, service animals, military memorabilia, etc., in ten New York State counties.  

Unfortunately, the project was abruptly halted at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic.

In 2022, as a direct result from many veterans and loved ones requesting the project begin again, it was resumed.  The mission of the project has not changed, despite a two-year stall.  The intent and purpose of "Faces of Veterans" is to photograph as many military veterans throughout NYS as I possibly can.  The goal is to travel to all sixty-two counties within NYS and photograph as many of the 838K veterans who reside in them.  

"Faces of Veterans" has always been available at no cost whatsoever to the veteran.  This project has been completely self-funded since the beginning, however donations have been made along the way that help in the overall goal...reaching the next veteran.  Donations may be made using the Venmo and PayPal links on my homepage.  Donations are also accepted when I take the photos, however I want to be very clear that donations of any amount are not and will never be a prerequisite to photos being taken.  A donation will not influence how many photos are taken.  Donations only allow me to pay for administrative related costs such as paper, gas to travel, hotels at those locations that require I be there for several days, and advertising to hopefully get the word out to more veterans.

If you have any questions regarding "Faces of Veterans," would be interested in hosting a photoshoot at your business, venue, veteran service organization, or would like to help in some way, please use the "SEND US AN EMAIL" button below, email me directly (Click Here to Email Me Directlyor Click Here to Contact Us on Facebook Messenger

You may also call/text me directly at (518) 350-3119.

Please click the below links to learn more about the project and how the media has helped support "Faces of Veterans."  Numerous papers, radio stations, and television agencies have helped spread the word to the veteran community since this project began.  Unfortunately, many of the videos from local news agencies have been archived and are no longer available online.

Spectrum Local News (Video)

The Post Star

AlbanyTimes Union

NY American Legion (the project was awarded the American Legion Service Award)

The Leader Herald


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