What is the "Faces of Veterans" Project?

So what is this project all about?  Quite simply, it's about veterans and their families.

Patriot Images began this project in December 2018 and since then, has traveled to nine different New York State Counties, photographing approximately 1400 veterans and their guest(s).  Guests include family members, friends, comrades, service and support animals, etc.  

The goal of this project is to travel into all sixty-two New York State Counties, photographing as many of the 830,000+ veterans.  The photos are 100% free for the veteran to download, and each veteran is given a release letter from us; releasing our sole rights to the images and allowing them to print or publish however and wherever they would like!

Due to the COVID-19 virus, all "Faces of Veterans" events have been placed on hold, however they will resume as soon as travel and being in close proximity is safe and permitted.  

"Faces of Veterans" has received attention from numerous media sources, as well as being awarded the New York State Department of the America Legion, Public Relations Award for 2019.  The links to many of the news stories can be found below.

While "Faces of Veterans" is entirely free and without any hidden attachments, Patriot Images does rely on the generosity and donations of others to keep it going.  The first fourteen months of the project cost an estimated $8,000.  Your support and giving is greatly appreciated and needed in order to reach the next veteran.  

Please Help Us Keep This Project Funded!

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